Thursday, January 17, 2008

CEOs for cities

News coverage and commentary on last week's Public Policy Forum Viewpoint Luncheon, "Global wooing," has been abundant. The event featured a lively and candid conversation on Milwaukee's global competitiveness with five prominent area CEOs (from right to left in photo): Rick Armbrust, The Oilgear Co.; Jeff Joerres, Manpower Inc.; Paul Purcell, Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.; John Shiely, Briggs & Stratton Corp.; and Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus International Inc. On the far left is Chuck Harvey, vice president, diversity and public affairs, Johnson Controls, Inc., who moderated the discussion.

If you missed any of the coverage, here it is:

The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee
"Leaders say area still lags in attracting talent"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Business leaders want to warm city's climate"

Steve Jagler, executive editor of Small Business Times
"Our own worst enemy"
John Torinus, chairman of Serigraph Inc.
"Leadership is key element to building business, city"
Patrick McIlheran, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist
"The price of ignoring the price"
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett
"Mayor responds to criticisms from CEOs"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Editorial: On talk and action"

Letters to the Editor
Jack H. Werner
"Smart business execs don't need pandering"
Richard Armbrust, Jeff Joerres, Paul Purcell, John Shiely, Tim Sullivan
"Commitment to region is solid"

What else is there left to say? Plenty, I'm sure.

Update: More commentary today, January 18. The conversation continues...

The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee
Editorial: "Listen to leaders' calls"
Steve Jagler, executive editor of Small Business Times
"Standing up against what's wrong in Milwaukee"

Update: Three op-ed articles in Sunday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Crossroads section....

Jeff Browne, "Milwaukee can compete if it's willing to change"
James J. Casey Jr., "Lesson's from the Asian Tiger"
Michael Rosen, "Milwaukee Business Leaders seem to want a return to the 19th century"

Update: An article and a blog posted today, January 25. And the beat goes on...

The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee, "M7 impact questioned"
Charlie Sykes, "Who's the enemy?"

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