Friday, June 1, 2012

2012 Salute winners demonstrate innovation and efficiency

Later this month, the Public Policy Forum will hold its 20th annual Salute to Local Government awards breakfast, which recognizes outstanding performance by governments, school districts and individual local government officials.  The 2012 winners were announced today, and they include an impressive mix of projects and individuals who demonstrate the meaning of good government.

This year's group winners include a county treasurer's office that was able to eliminate two full-time staff positions by implementing a series of business process improvements; a city government that leveraged a federal homeland security grant into a comprehensive upgrade of its citywide information technology infrastructure; a set of Milwaukee County cities and villages that combined their public safety dispatch services; and a city library and economic development department that joined forces with a neighborhood organization and private developer to create a shining new housing and library complex.

On the individual side, winners include one of our region's most vibrant and energetic county department heads, as well as an individual who lost his recent re-election bid, but who will always be remembered for his efforts to promote intergovernmental cooperation and civility in government.

If there is a theme threading its way throughout each of this year's winners - as well as the near-record 40 nominations we received - it's that there is no shortage of innovation and ingenuity in southeast Wisconsin's local governments and school districts. It's nice to be able to celebrate those qualities - even if just for one day - and to recognize that despite our differences on issues pertaining to the size and role of government, each of us has an interest in celebrating outstanding performance by the people who work there.

The Salute breakfast will be held on Tuesday, June 19, at 7:30 AM at the Italian Conference Center in Milwaukee.  Click here to sign up and here for the press release with details on the full list of 2012 winners.

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