Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We don't predict; we project

The Forum’s latest report on taxable property values reveals that Waukesha County’s day in the sun may have to wait a few centuries. If we weren’t researchers, we’d probably be embarrassed because a few years ago we projected Waukesha was on track to overtake Milwaukee County by the middle of the next decade. Instead, the city of Milwaukee has achieved a turnaround and currently leads the region, and the state, in tax base growth.

In 2000, our annual research brief on taxing and spending reported Waukesha’s value was growing 7% annually and at that rate would soon overtake Milwaukee, which was growing just 4%. The latest report found Milwaukee County valued at $64 billion, up 12% over last year whereas Waukesha County grew a relatively small 9% to $49 billion. This means Waukesha would be projected to overtake Milwaukee … never. Not that I’m making any predictions.

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